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TankSentry Saves You Time and Money

manages your water supply
in a cost effective and time efficient manner
for tanks, dams and bores.

TankSentry is an IoT sensor network placing critical data in the hands of farmers

Increases – Increases farm and farmer efficiencies

Eliminates – Eliminates time and water wastage

Reduces – Reduces operating costs

Odyssey Sensors TankSentry is a remote water management system that feeds real time data to your home computer, tablet or smartphone, log your water levels and provide alerts when your water is too low or overflowing.

Utilising state of the art LoRa Technology that is not reliant on internet or 3G/4G mobile access across your farm, the TankSentry informs you when ans where your trouble spots are saving you on time, water wastage and worry.

The sensor networks have a transmission distance of up to 20km with a repeater to extend the transmission distance even further, a further 20km radius (not line of sight). This offers private and secure data transfers with the capability of supporting up to 100 sensors per gateway.

We're partnered with AgriWebb

We're partnered with AgriWebb

The Problem

A Water Supply/Use Budget Is An Essential Planning Step In Drought Management.
The Outlook:

In Victoria and Tasmania researchers predict the frequency and spread of exceptionally hot and exceptionally dry years are likely to increase.

Projections Indicate That:

By 2010–2040, exceptionally low rainfall years are likely to affect about 10% of the region and occur about once every 12 years on average. By 2030, exceptionally low soil moisture years are likely to affect about 11% of the region and occur about once every nine years on average.*

TankSentry is your eyes in the field.

Whether you are in a drought affected area or not, managing your water supply is a crucial part of farming now and into the future. TankSentry by Odyssey Sensors makes managing your water supply easy, efficient and cost effective.

*Source: Hennessy et al (2008) Drought Exceptional Circumstances — An assessment of the impact of climate change on the nature and frequency of exceptional climatic events, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology

 Our Technology

TankSentry Is A Product Of Odyssey Sensors

TankSentry is a cost effective, simple to use technology that optimises farms by communicating real time data to farmers.

Our Current Services

TankSentry – Data Sheet
TroughSentry – Data Sheet coming soon
LoRa Gateway – Data Sheet
LoRa Repeaters – Data Sheet
Front end system capabilities through our website or AgriWebb

Odyssey Sensors



TankSentry works with tanks.


TankSentry is ideal for farms with multiple dams.


TankSentry works with bores.

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Why Choose TankSentry?

Real Time Data

that goes the distance. LoRa technology delivers water monitoring data without the need for an internet/mobile enabled farm.

Two-way comms

Track water levels across multiple sources at a glance. Shut down and restart your pump system remotely.

Easy Install

All tanks and troughs are different so we've kept it easy with a small bolt on casing that works with all.

Low Cost

Keeping cost to a minimum is a priority, TankSentry is priced to suit.

Cost Effective

You've got better things to focus on. Forget long drives to remote locations, wasting time and fuel - TankSentry pays for itself within the first year of use.

Go The Distance

Our sensor networks have a transmission distance of up to 20km with a repeater function to extend transmission distance in multiples of 20km.

Future Thinking

One network plus hundreds of sensors. Measure water levels, soil moisture, actuate pumps and geolocate pivot irrigators.

Partnering to Provide

By partnering with AgriWebb, farmers can access not only their own data but also to big data trends and insights providing a more detailed scope for precision farming.

We Work With

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If you have an efficiency problem on your farm our specialty is looking at solutions, get in touch.

Email support at support@odysseysensors.com


Michael Davis

Australia Manager

Sydney, NSW

E: m.davis@odysseysensors.com